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International Conference on Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Economics and Management (MS'2016).


The Association for Modeling and Simulation in Enterprises (AMSE) is pleased to announce the The International Conference on Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Economics, Management and Health (MS'17Va))”, which will be held in Valencia (Spain), Jul 13th – 14th, 2016. This Congress is jointly organized with the Department of Business Organization at the Polytechnic University of Valencia

Scientific research in modeling and simulation needs new techniques and models in order to deal with new complex problems and environments. The use of Computational Intelligence and related techniques are needed to face with systems where classical methods are not enough. Dealing with imprecision, vagueness and uncertainty is a part of reality which cannot be avoided.

The AMSE association, through this International Conference, wants to offer a forum where university people, professionals and practitioners, working in the field of modeling and simulation, can exchange ideas and experience on the advancement of research, methods, techniques, applications and projects based on Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Soft Computing, Intelligent Systems, New Quantitative Methods and Related Applications. The International Conference aim is to stimulate scientific exchanges, promote international co-operation between the academic community and companies, and disseminate results of theoretical and applied research.

All submitted papers will be peer reviewed and accepted papers will be published in a book of proceedings.

Best paper award and best student paper award will be given at the end of the conference. To be qualified for student competition the student has to be the principal contributor of the paper and present it during the conference.

At least one author of each accepted paper must register and pay the conference fee before the 15th of May in order to have the paper published in the book of proceedings. Otherwise, the paper will not be published.


Applications of Pattern Recognition
    Approximate Reasoning
    Business and Economic Applications
    Chaos Theory
    Computational Intelligence
    Corporate social responsibility
    Data Mining
    Decision Making and Expert Systems
    Evolutionary Modelling
    Fuzzy Expert Systems
    Fuzzy Games Theory and Applications
    Fuzzy Setsand Expert Systems
    Fuzzy Logic
    Fuzzy Multicriteria Methods & Applications
    Knowledge Management Methods and Practices
    Linguistic Information and Decision Making
    Management Intelligent Systems
    Management Methods based on Artificial Intelligence
    Modeling of Economic Processes in Uncertainty
    Modeling Aggregate Behaviour
    Network Economics
    Neural Networks and GAs in Hybrid Systems
    Neuro–Fuzzy Models
    Operational Research
    Small Firms’ Management Tools
    Soft Computing in Management Control
    Software Platforms
    Sport Management
    Technology Transfer from New to Old Economy
    Other Related Topics


• Paper submission: 15th April, 2017
• Notification of acceptance: 30th April, 2017
• Final paper submission: 15th May, 2017
• Early registration: 15th May, 2017
• Last day to register: 1st June, 2017


Jaime Gil Aluja, Spain, President AMSE Anna M. Gil Lafuente, Spain, Chair Angel A. Juan, Spain
Lotfi Zadeh, USA, University of Berkeley José Mariano Moneva Abadía, Spain, Chair Anna M. Gil-Lafuente, Spain
María Jesús Muñoz Torres, Spain, Chair Antonio Terceño Gómez, Spain
Raúl Leon Soriano, Spain, Chair Beatriz Flores Romero, Mexico
Carlos Tomás Medrano Sánchez, Spain
César Leonardo Guerrero Luchtenberg, Spain César Leonardo Guerrero Luchtenberg, Spain
Cristina Ferrer, Spain Christian Berger-Vachon, France
Eduardo Ortas, Spain Eduardo Ortas Fredes, Spain
Encarna Esteban, Spain Egon Zizmon, Slovenia
Francisco Javier Arroyo Cañada, Spain Elena Escrig Olmedo, Spain
Inmaculada Plaza, Spain Emilio Vizuete Luciano, Spain
José M. Merigó Lindahl, Chile Federico González Santoyo, Mexico,
Juan Pablo Maicas, Spain Francesco Carlo Morabito, Italy
Juana María Rivera Lirio, Spain Gerardo Gabriel Alfaro Calderón, Mexico
María Ángeles Fernández Izquierdo, Spain Idoya Ferrero Ferrero, Spain
Inmaculada Plaza, Spain
Isabel Saz Gil, Spain
Iván García-Magariño García, Spain
Jaime Gil Lafuente, Spain
Janusz Kacprzyk, Poland
José M. Merigó Lindahl, Chile
José Mariano Moneva Abadía, Spain
Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fernandez, Spain
Juan Pablo Maicas, Spain
Juana María Rivera Lirio, Spain
Korkmaz Imanov, Azerbaijan
Luis Callarisa Fiol, Spain
María Ángeles Fernández Izquierdo, Spain
Maria Glòria Barberà Mariné, Spain
María Jesús Muñoz Torres, Spain
Peter Meža, Slovenia
Raúl León Soriano , Spain
Ronald R. Yager, USA
Sabina Scarpellini, Spain
Sefa Boria Reverter, Spain
Vicente Liern Carrión, Spain
Victor Alfaro García, Mexico
Victor Krasnoproshin, Belarus
Yuriy Kondratenko, Ukraine


The deadline for submission of papers to the International Conference on Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Economics and Management is 15th April, 2017. They should be sent to:

This paper should present a clear and concise view of the work. Please, specify the area of the paper from the listed topics. Include contact information of corresponding author.

All proposals will be reviewed carefully by members of the scientific committee and by external reviewers. Authors will be informed about the acceptance of the full paper before 30th April, 2017. The camera-ready manuscript submission will end the 15th May, 2017.

If the paper is accepted for its presentation, then the authors must send the full paper (See submission template). The full paper must be written in English language, with Microsoft Word format. Each submission should include: Title of paper, authors, organisation affiliate, complete address, fax number and e-mail. Papers should be no longer than 10 pages including all references, tables, figures and other materials. Please, prepare your paper according to the Author Instructions.

At least one author must attend the congress for presenting the paper if the submission is approved. The deadline for registration for speakers and early registration for non-speakers is 15th May 2017. Note that at least one of the authors of an accepted paper must register before 15th May 2017 in order to have published the paper in the book of proceedings.

The International Conference will take place on July, 13 – 14, 2017.




Research Institution:



Post code:




Paper title:

Select the paper from your computer:


Before 15 May 2017
After 15 May 2017
300 €
400 €
150 €
200 €
Accompany persons
150 €
200 €

The conference fee includes:

• Publication of the accepted paper(s).
• LNBIP proceedings book.
• Attendance to all the conference sessions.
• Conference program.
• All coffee breaks (with refreshments).
• Gala dinner.
• Related social activities.
• Other conference facilities.

Students' fee includes:

• The same without the gala dinner.

Accompanying persons' fee includes:

• The same without the book of proceedings.
• Additional book of proceedings and tickets for the gala dinner will be available with an extra fee.

Registration fees should be paid by bank transfer (net of bank charges) at the following account:

IBERCAJA Catalunya Bank
Av. Diagonal 610, 08021 Barcelona
IBAN: ES32 2085 5202 7103 3224 0451 IBAN: ES71 0182 1966 4002 0186 6807


Fill this registration form after you pay the fee and submit the proof of payment as digitalized copy.



Research Institution:



Post code:




Paper title:

Select the proof of payment from your computer:

Remember that your registration is not completed until we receive the payment.








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