Series B. Mechanics and Thermics

Modelling, Measurement and Control

Series B. Mechanics and Thermics

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Editors: Christian Berger Vachon

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Modelling, Measurement and Control (MMC) is an annual international journal series including four journals: Series A: General Physics and Electrical Applications, Series B: Mechanics and Thermics, Series C: Chemistry, Geology, Environment and Bioengineering, and Series D: Production Engineering and Management, Organization, Human and Social Problems.

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Volume 87 / Issue 4 / 2018

Volume 87 / Issue 3 / 2018

Experimenting a distributed passive MPPT based on mini-battery-packs to cope with short-term critical partial shadings on PV-generators Pag. 113
Rosario Carbone, Giuseppe A. Maiolo
Simplified tool for the energy performance assessment of residential buildings Pag. 122
Lorenzo Belussi, Ludovico Danza, Italo Meroni, Francesco Salamone, Salvatore Minutoli, Carlo Romeo
Synthesis and characterization of fe2o3 /reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as a high-performance anode material for sodium-ion batteries Pag. 129
Vincenza Modafferi, Michele Fiore, Enza Fazio, Salvatore Patanè, Claudia Triolo, Saveria Santangelo, Riccardo Ruffo, Fortunato Neri, Maria G. Musolino
Energy efficiency improvements in historic buildings: Analysis of a case study in central Italy Pag. 135
Paolo Zazzini, Marco Capone
Application of nanofluids in solar cooling system: Dynamic simulation by means of TRNSYS software Pag. 143
Bernardo Buonomo, Furio Cascetta, Luca Cirillo, Sergio Nardini
An investigation of thermo-fluid dynamic performance of a Stirling engine regenerator by means of OpenFOAM Pag. 151
Maria Faruoli, Annarita Viggiano, Vinicio Magi
Energy efficiency analysis of an entire ceramic kiln: A numerical approach Pag. 159
Giuseppe Cantore, Massimo Milani, Luca Montorsi, Fabrizio Paltrinieri
A techno-economic and environmental analysis for carbon capture and storage in Italian power plants Pag. 167
Alberto Fichera, Rosaria Volpe, Vittoria O. Utili
Textile wastes in building sector: A review Pag. 172
Chiara Rubino, Stefania Liuzzi, Francesco Martellotta, Pietro Stefanizzi
The relation between nZEB requirements, local climate, and building features. The nZEB model application to two sample buildings, in different climatic conditions Pag. 180
Giovanni Murano, Anna Magrini
Analysis of triangular sharkskin profiles according to second law Pag. 188
Peter Liversage, Michele Trancossi
Power generation in externally fired air turbine feed by biomass derived syngas Pag. 197
Emanuele Fanelli, Nicola Lovaglio, Giacinto Cornacchia, Giacobbe Braccio, Vinicio Magi
Numerical investigation on Nano-PCM in aluminum foam in latent thermal energy storages Pag. 207
Bernardo Buonomo, Davide Ercole, Oronzio Manca, Sergio Nardini

Volume 87 / Issue 2 / 2018

Volume 87 / Issue 1 / 2018

Comparative thermal performance analysis of water, engine coolant oil and MWCNT-W nanofluid in a radiator Pag. 1
Asif Afzal, A. D. Mohammed Samee, R. K. Abdul Razak (India)
Effect of variable properties on the flow over an exponentially stretching sheet with convective thermal conditions Pag. 7
Djemoui Lalmi, Salah Bezari, Hocine Bensaha, Mawloud Guermouai, Abdelaziz Rabehi, Benseddik Abdelouahab, Redjem Hadef (India)
Analysis of thermal performance of an agricultural greenhouse heated by a storage system Pag. 15
Djemoui Lalmi, Salah Bezari, Hocine Bensaha, Mawloud Guermouai, Abdelaziz Rabehi, Benseddik Abdelouahab, Redjem Hadef (Algeria)
The experimental research on vibrating characteristics for multiple tubes in cylindrical fluid Pag. 21
Qianbei Yue, Jubao Liu, Ligang Zhang, De Liu, Min Luo (China)
Oscillatory saturated flow of a second grade fluid in a channel Pag. 30
Sachidananda Sahoo, Prasanna K. Rout, Gauranga C. Dash (India)
Impact of flexible blades on the vertical axis tidal turbine performances Pag. 36
Nouredine Drias, Mohamed T. Bouzaher, Djemoui lalmi, Belhi Guerira, Derfouf Semch-Eddine (Algeria)
Using Taguchi method & response surface methodology for examination of surface roughness Pag. 42
Yallamati Abshalomu, Vinjavarapu Sanakararao, Ashok K. Nanduri (India)
Experimental investigation on thermal performance of helical grooved flat heat pipe Pag. 55
Kesav Kumar Sridharan, Sridhara S. Nagappa, Siddharth Y. Paralikar (India)

Volume 86 / Issue 4 / 2017

Volume 86 / Issue 3 / 2017

Influence of the Heat Treatments on Martensite Microstructure and Abrasive Wear Behavior of X52 Dual-phase Steel Pag. 582
Sami Zidelmel, Omar Allaoui, Omar Laidi, Ahmed Benchatti (Algeria )
Chemical Reaction Effect of MHD Micropolar Fluid Flow between two Parallel Plates in the Presence of Heat Source/Sink Pag. 593
A.K. Dash, S.R. Mishra, B.P. Acharya (India )
Existence of Resonance Stability of Triangular Equilibrium Points for an Oblate Infinitesimal in Elliptical Restricted Three Body Problem with Radiating Oblate Primaries Pag. 609
A. Narayan, A. Chakraborty, A. Dewangan (India )
Free Convection from a Rotating Vertical Porous Plate in a Dissipative Micropolar Fluid with Cross Diffusion Effects Pag. 627
Shamshuddin M.D., Siva Reddy Sheri (India )
Impact of Variable Magnetic Field and Convective Boundary Condition on a Stretched 3D Radiative Flow of Cu-H2O Nanofluid Pag. 658
M.K. Nayak, Sachin Shaw, Ali J. Chamkha (India, Botswana, Saudi Arabia )
Thermo-mechanical Analysis of Gas Turbine Casing to Enhance Fatigue Life Pag. 679
Mohammed Sirajuddin, Asif Afzal (India )
MHD Heat and Mass Transfer on Stretching Sheet with Variable Fluid Properties in Porous Medium Pag. 706
K. Swain, S.K. Parida, G.C. Dash (India )
A Study to Investigate the Influence of Coal Properties on Bit Wear-ability of Roadheader Pag. 727
B.S. Choudhary, Deepak Kumar Sharma, Manbodh Kumar Das (India )
Modeling of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer inside a Saturated Porous Conduit at Constant Surface Heat Flux Pag. 740
Hassan Adeeb AlMasa'deh, Hamzeh Mustafa Duwairi (Jordan )
Hydromagnetic Binary Mixture Flow of Visco-elastic Fluid past a Stretching Porous Surface with Energy Transfer Pag. 771
Debasish Dey, Kabita Nath (India )
Slip Effects on MHD Flow of a Williamson Fluid from an Isothermal Sphere: A Numerical Study Pag. 782
N. Nagendra, C.H. Amanulla., M. Sudhakar Reddy (India )

Volume 86 / Issue 2 / 2017

Experimental Thermal Investigation of CuO-W Nanofluid in Circular Minichannel Pag. 335
Asif Afzal, Mohammed Samee A.D, Abdul Razak R.K (India )
Simulation Study of Drilling Force and Drilling Temperature in Staggered Teeth BTA Deep-hole Drilling Pag. 345
Bian Guo, Jianming Zheng, Li Liu, Luo Yang (India )
Old Satellite Dish as a Solar Cooker in Iran Pag. 357
Hossain Nemati, Seyed M. Beheshti (Iran )
Experimental Study on the Deformation Characteristics of Rockfill Materials under Cyclic Loading of Spherical Stress Pag. 367
Yanyi Zhang, Gang Deng, Yanfeng Wen, Zeping Xu, Shu Yu, Zhiyi Zhao (China )
MHD Falkner-skan Flow through Porous Medium Over Permeable Surface Pag. 380
Jyotsnarani Pattnaik, Dash G.C., Ojha K.L. (India )
Parametric Study on Deformation and Stability of Geocell-Reinforced Retaining Walls Pag. 396
Fei Song, Yuying Li, Jian Zhao, Zewei Yang (China )
Optical Modeling and Thermal Behavior of a Parabolic through Solar Collector in the Algerian Sahara Pag. 406
Mokhtar Ghodbane, Boussad Boumeddane (Algeria )
Stratiform Compound Mudstone Mass under Uniaxial Compression Pag. 427
Furong Ma, Xingui Zhang, Nianping Yi (China )
Comparison of COMPASS and PCFF in Calculating Mechanical Behaviors of Aramid Fiber by Means of Molecular Dynamics Pag. 438
Qian Wang, Chao Tang, Xiaoping Li, Zhiwei Li, Mingming Du (China )
Study on Seismic Performance of Autoclaved Brick Walls Pag. 447
Jianmin Zhang, Zexiang Yin (China )
Analysis on Rock Probability of Embedment Pile into Rock Mass for Pile Group at Building Sites in Karst Terrain Pag. 456
Xianfa Cao, Zhikui Liu, Hailing Li (China )
Romax-Based Contact Analysis of Tapered Roller Bearings for Automobile Wheels Pag. 471
Rui Yu, Jinshang Ni, Weiqin Shi (China )
Landslide Mechanism of a Slope in Nanhuan Road, Funxin, Northeast China Pag. 484
Huiming Liu, Changming Wang, Suoyu Zhang, Bing Wang (China )
Analysis of the Soil Arch Effect of the Mechanical Rotary Bored Anti-slide Piles and Ultimate Arch Thickness Calculation Pag. 502
Ruhong Wang, Haiqing Zhou (China )
Experimental Analysis and Numerical Simulation on Impact Response of Sand-filled Aluminium Honeycomb Sandwich Structure Pag. 517
Weiming Luo, Shaoqing Shi, Jianhu Sun, Yuzheng Lv (China )
Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Porous Concrete Fabricated with the SAP Pag. 535
Junru Ren, Zhiping Deng, Hua Cheng, Lin Zhou, Xinhao Zheng (China )
A CFD Analysis of Gas Plume Stratification in Confined Space Pag. 557
Xinsheng Jiang, Biao He, Qiang Liu, Dong Wang, Jiannan Xu, Wei Xie (China )
Vibration Control of Stress Waveform Superposition in Millisecond Blasting Pag. 569
Qing Li, Yaodong Xue, Di Zhang (China )

Volume 86 / Issue 1 / 2017

Effects of variable viscosity and thermal conductivity on steady magnetohydrodynamic flow of a micropolar fluid through a specially characterized horizontal channel Pag. 1
G.C. Hazarika, B. Phukan (India )
Buoyancy effects on free convective MHD flow in the presence of heat source/sink Pag. 14
S.Baag, S. R. Mishra, B.L.Samantray (India )
Study on numerical simulation of spirality inserted piece for heat exchanger Pag. 33
Qiang Guo, Chengjun Zhang, Zhidong Wu, Qingming Hu (China )
The research on flexural behavior experiment of pre-stressed glue-lumber beams after long-term loading Pag. 49
Guo Nan, Jiang Haixin, Zuo Hongliang (China )
Correlative comparison of gas CO2 pipeline transportation and natural gas pipeline transportation Pag. 63
Yindi Zhang, Die Wang, Jianping Yang, Emmanuel Adu, Qiuwan Shen, Lei Tian, Lijuan Wu and Baocheng Shi (China )
Dynamic modeling and experimental analysis of magnetic fluid dampers Pag. 76
Jianfeng Wang, Jingxin Xiao, Yunfeng Liang, Jing Zhang (China )
Experimental study on the axial compressive properties of FRP-reinforced seawater aggregate concrete brick masonry Pag. 91
Guoxin Zheng, Hua Cheng, Huayou Liang (China )
Research on the influence of infill walls on seismic performance of masonry buildings with bottom frame-shear walls Pag. 104
Li Guodong, Li Xiang, Guo Nan (China )
Application of anchor frame beam in expansive soil slope Pag. 115
Xinzheng Wang, Yizheng Sun (China )
Numerical analysis of solid-liquid turbulent flow in Francis turbine spiral case Pag. 126
Huiyan Wang, Xiaobing Liu (China )
Pressure-dependent behaviour of gas permeability of undisturbed loess Pag. 141
Xiangwei Fang, Jie Li, Chunhai Li (China )
Structure analysis of a large water conveyance tunnel with consideration of grouting circle failure Pag. 155
Q. Yuan, Y.Z. Wang, W.J. You, G.N. Xu (China )
Chained-form design and motion planning for a nonholonomic manipulator Pag. 169
Liang Li (China )
Construction optimization and application of shield launching reaction frame of large diameter shield tunnel Pag. 185
Zhuang Xie, Jinyang Fu, Junsheng Yang, Yufeng Shi, Wenhua Guo (China )
Design of linear shaped charge for controlled rock fragmentation of brittle material Pag. 198
Zhenyang Xu, Yanning Yu, Jun Yang (China )
Analysis and application of water inrush mechanism in tunnel based on thin plate model Pag. 221
Bingbing Chen, Zhenhua Fu (China )
Unsteady natural convection in a water filled cavity with hot partitioned wall Pag. 233
Farah Zemani, Amina Sabeur-Bendehina (Algeria )
Coupled flow network model and CFD analysis for a combined impingement and film cooled gas turbine nozzle guide vane Pag. 250
Pol Reddy Kukutla, B.V.S.S.S Prasad (India )
Computational analysis of non-newtonian boundary layer flow of nanofluid past a vertical plate with partial slip Pag. 271
A Subba Rao, N Nagendra, CH Amanulla, M Surya Narayana Reddy O. Anwar Bég (India )
Performance evaluation of nanofluid for heat transfer enhancement and pumping power reduction through a semicircular corrugated pipe Pag. 296
M Salehin, M M Ehsan, A.K.M. Sadrul Islam (Bengladesh )
A Comparison of mechanical artefacts used in calibration of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) Pag. 312
Mendiratta Karun (India )
High rock bench landslide mechanism with offset dragline excavation Pag. 321
Zhao Hongze, Wu Duojin, Du Hairui, Kong Chi-Seng (China )

Volume 85 / Issue 1 / 2016

Hiemenz magnetic flow by differential transformation method and Pade approximant Pag. 1
M.K.Nayak, G.C.Dash (India)
Heat conduction model development of a cold storage using EPS insulation Pag. 18
N. Mukhopadhyay (India)
MHD free convection and mass transfer flow through a vertical oscillatory porous plate in a rotating porous medium with hall ion-slip currents and heat source Pag. 28
Md. Delowar Hossain, Md. Abdus Samad, Md. Mahmud Alam (Bangladesh)
Thermal radiation effect on MHD 3D flow and heat transfer of nanofluid past a shrinking surface Pag. 43
M. K. Nayak (India)
Optimization of combined conductive and convective heat transfer model of a cold storage using Taguchi S/N ratio analysis Pag. 63
N. Mukhopadhyay, P. Mondal (India)
Optimization of convective heat transfer model of cold storage with circular fins evaporator using Taguchi S/N Ratio and ANOVA Pag. 79
N. Mukhopadhyay, M. Mondal (India)
Steady MHD flow and heat transfer on a stretched vertical permeable surface in presence of heat generation/absorption, thermal radiation and chemical reaction Pag. 91
M. K. Nayak (India)
Wire coating analysis in MHD flow and heat transfer of a third grade fluid with variable viscosity in a porous medium with internal heat generation/absorption and Joule heating Pag. 105
M. K. Nayak (India)
Mathematic simulation on the coordinated forces exerted on in-service joint supports Pag. 123
Huayou Liang, Haiqing Zhou, Shuling Zhou, Jianqing Li (China)
The structural parameters optimization of asphalt foaming cavity by response surface analyzing Pag. 134
Cheng Haiying, Wei Fudong, Hu Zhiyong, Chen Wenyan (China)
An evaluation of the strain-based critical plane parameters for multiaxial low-cycle fatigue evaluation Pag. 150
Ernian Zhao*, Weilian Qu (China)
Elastoplastic analysis of circular tunnel using nonlinear improvement of unified strength theory Pag. 163
Weiping Liu, Xiaoyan Luo (China)
Deployment algorithm using fluid dynamics for agriculture sensor networks Pag. 175
Xianghong Tian (China)
An Experimental Study on the Stability Bearing Capacity of a New Type of Steel Formwork Pag. 186
Fankui Zeng, Jie Tang, Zhenjiang Sang, Hongliang Zhang (China)

Volume 84 / Issue 2 / 2015

Volume 84 / Issue 1 / 2015

Volume 83 / Issue 1 / 2014

Other issues

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