Series C. Chemistry, Geology, Environment and Bioengineering

Modelling, Measurement and Control

Series C. Chemistry, Geology, Environment and Bioengineering

ISSN: 1259-5977

Editors: Christian Berger Vachon

Publication Fequency: 1 volume per year

Modelling, Measurement and Control (MMC) is an annual international journal series including four journals: Series A: General Physics and Electrical Applications, Series B: Mechanics and Thermics, Series C: Chemistry, Geology, Environment and Bioengineering, and Series D: Production Engineering and Management, Organization, Human and Social Problems.

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Volume 79 / Issue 4 / 2018

Memory, learning and vicarious brain Pag. 155
F. Arab
Prototype of automatic translation to the sign language of French-speaking Belgium evaluation by the deaf community Pag. 162
David B., Bouillon P.
Taking caster wheel behavior into account in the kinematics of powered wheelchairs Pag. 168
Aline Baudry, Sylvain Guégan, Marie Babel
Remote sensing of vital signs and biomedical parameters: A review Pag. 173
Frédéric Bousefsaf, Choubeila Maaoui, Alain Pruski
Cochlear implant: On the number of channels Pag. 179
P.A. Cucis, C. Berger-Vachon, S. Gallego, E. Truy
Assisting power wheelchair driving on a sidewalk: A proof of concept Pag. 185
L. Devigne, F. Pasteau, N. Le Borgne, M. Babel, T. Carlson, P. Gallien, Centre MPR Saint Hélier Pole
Tiwouh: An enriched technology-based solution for communication interventions Pag. 190
C. Fage, S. Giblet, M. Jaspard, P. Grevesse, C. Maillart
The question of students’ autonomy in academic learning when using ICT: Case study in analysing help interactions involving two 9th graders with a visual impairment Pag. 195
Gaborit M., Archambault D., Puustinen M., Lewi-Dumont N.
Designing a learning environment for visually impaired and blind persons in order to develop touch access to digital content Pag. 201
Matthieu Tixier, Gaëlle Garibaldi, Dominique Aubert, Charles Lenay
A new rehabilitation device: S’TIM, the persuasive and therapeutic serious-game for patients with dysexecutive syndrome Pag. 206
Julie Golliot
Influences of aircraft seat adaptations on wheelchair user perceptions when transferring into and out of the seat: A pilot study Pag. 212
V. Spartacus, C. Gillet1, S. Paganelli, D.H. Gagnon, P. Pudlo
Factors limiting the use of technical assistance and prospects for use in ALS patients Pag. 216
Aurélie Peillon, Manon Veillard, Georges Lamy Au Rousseau, Stéphane Besnard, Marie-Laure Bocca
The preparation method of nonionic waterborne polyurethane Pag. 222
Qing Feng, Gang Chen, Jinpeng Liang
Real-time ECG monitoring system for the assessment of rural cardiac patients Pag. 229
Ramu R., A. Sukesh Kumar
Study and realization of an electrostatic precipitator device Pag. 235
Med Ali Kouidri, D. Mahi
Retina registration for biometrics based on retinal feature points Pag. 242
Z. Nougrara, N.E. Berrached

Volume 79 / Issue 3 / 2018

CFD analysis of biodiesel combustion applied to industrial burners Pag. 61
Antonio Cantiani, Annarita Viggiano, Emanuele Fanelli, Giacinto Cornacchia, Giacobbe Braccio, Vinicio Magi
Small scale Organic Rankine Cycle testing for low grade heat recovery by using refrigerants as working fluids Pag. 70
Emanuele Fanelli, Simone Braccio, Giuseppe Pinto, Giacinto Cornacchia, Giacobbe Braccio
About electrical and mechanical behaviour of low-voltage I&C cables used in nuclear power plants Pag. 79
Simone V. Suraci, Davide Fabiani, Stefano Bulzaga
Modelling and simulating a thermal storage system for the Savona campus smart polygeneration micro grid Pag. 83
Massimo Brignone, Federico Delfino, Francesco Devia, Marco Fossa, Fabio Pampararo
Design of ventilated cross flow heat sinks Pag. 90
Michele Trancossi, Jose Pascoa
Numerical simulations of coupled conduction-free convection in low conductive vertical finned surfaces Pag. 98
Alessandra De Angelis, Michele Libralato, Onorio Saro
Soft-linking bottom-up energy models with top-down input-output models to assess the environmental impact of future energy scenarios Pag. 103
Matteo V. Rocco, Yassin Rady, Emanuela Colombo
Demand side management analysis of a commercial water loop heat pump system Pag. 111
Gianluca Coccia, Alessia Arteconi, Paola D’Agaro, Fabio Polonara, Giovanni Cortella
Analysis and definition of a ZEB building at optimum level of efficiency and costs Pag. 119
Ludovico Danza, Francesca Modafferi, Lorenzo Belussi, Aanna Magrini, Giulia Guazzi, Francesco Salamone
Enhancing anaerobic digestion of wheat straw through multistage milling Pag. 127
Pierpaolo Dell’Omo, Sabatino La Froscia
Experimental study of air pollution in the urban centre of the city of Messina Pag. 133
M. Cannistraro, L. Ponterio, Jingyu Cao
Effect on the energy market of the potential switching to heat pumps for space heating Pag. 140
Sara A. Alla, Vinecnzo Bianco, Luca A. Tagliafico, Federico Scarpa
Life cycle assessment of roads: Material and process related energy savings Pag. 146
Teresa M. Gulotta, Marina Mistretta, Filippo G. Praticò

Volume 79 / Issue 2 / 2018

Volume 79 / Issue 1 / 2018

Volume 78 / Issue 4 / 2017

Biogeography of Bangarus carcerulus in Snake Land-Tapakara, Jashpur, Surguja, CG, India Pag. 417
H.D. Mahar, Durgesh Mahar, Divya Mahar, Manoj Kumar Jhariya, R.K. Jaiswal, A.M. Agrawal (India )
Groundwater Suitability for Domestic Use in an Industrial Area of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria Pag. 430
A.M. Ayanshola, K. Mandal, S.O. Bilewu, A.W. Salami, A.S. Aremu, S.O. Kolade (Nigeria, India )
Biogeography and Volcano Crater Analogy of Swinging land, Jaljali, Mainpat Plateau, Surguja, C.G, India Pag. 444
H.D. Mahar, Durgesh Mahar, Divya Mahar, M.K. Jhariya, N.K. Banjare, A.M. Agrawal (India )
Strategic Choice and Practice of Low Carbon Urbanization in China Pag. 455
Zhengsheng Wu, Ruixiang Wang, Shuhui Xu (China )
A Study on UCI Hepatitis Disease Dataset Using Soft Computing Pag. 467
Malay Mitra, R. K. Samanta (India )
Research and Application of Mineral Deposit Modeling Technology Pag. 478
Jun Liu (China )
Research on Quantitative Relationship between Body Design Parameters of Residential Buildings and Energy Saving in Cold Regions Pag. 496
Jingmin Wang, Junjie Kang (China )
The Efficiency Simulation of the Performance of a Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactor for Purification of Domestic Sewage based on the Artificial Neural Network Pag. 513
Shang Juan, Hongqiang Wu (China )

Volume 78 / Issue 3 / 2017

Stability Evaluation of Highwall Slope in an Opencast Coal Mine-A Case Study Pag. 253
I. Satyanarayana, G. Budi, Phalguni Sen, A.K. Sinha (India )
Improvement of Power Quality in Underground Coal Mines Using Controllers Pag. 274
Sukanth, Singam Jayanthu, A.Jayalakshmi (India )
Analysis of Factors, Which Influence the Cycle Time of Dumpers of Open Cast Coal Mines to Improve Production Pag. 289
S. Dey, S. K. Mandal, C. Bhar (India )
Design of Support System and Stability Evaluation for Underground Workings of Gare Palma Coal Mine – A Case S Pag. 303
Avinash Paul, Niraj Kumar, Ajoy Kumar Singh (India )
A Study on Influence of Density and Viscosity of Emulsion Explosive on Its Detonation Velocity Pag. 316
Hemant Agrawal, Arvind Kumar Mishra (India )
Performance, Emission and Combustion Analysis of Biodiesel Extracted from Acidic oil: A By-product of Soybean Pag. 337
Abhijeet P. Shah, Sharad D. Patil (India )
Support Design during Depillaring Operation in Bord and Pillar Panel Using Numerical Simulation Method Pag. 351
Rizwan Hasim, Ashok Jaiswal, B.K Shrivastva (India )
Techno-economic Analysis for Development of a Drive in View of Geo-Mining Conditions – A Case Study Pag. 364
K.K. Rao, B.S. Choudhary, Ajay Ghade, A. Amjath Ali (India )
Applicability of Size-strength Rippability Classification System for Laterite Excavation in Iron Ore Mines of Pag. 378
Akhil Avchar, B.S. Choudhary, Gnananandh Budi, Ulhas G. Sawaiker (India )
Modelling of Dragline Bucket for Determination of Stress Pag. 392
Shah Fateh Azam, Piyush Rai (India )
Performance, Emission and Combustion Analysis of Biodiesel Extracted from Acidic oil: A By-product of Soybean Pag. 403
Abhijeet Prakash Shah, Sharad Dattatray Patil (India )

Volume 78 / Issue 2 / 2017

Volume 78 / Issue 1 / 2017

Volume 77 / Issue 2 / 2016 (Special Handicap)

COMM' HANDI : for a different communication Pag.
Patrick Abellard, Karine Bartalucci, Alexandre Abellard (France)
Resources and cognitive accessibility: definitions, typologies and model Pag.
F. Arab (France)
Introducing a fun Karaoke workshop within a therapeutic education program: Clinical findings in Parkinsonian persons Pag.
Baldayrou E, Rouge M, Merelle S, Merelle G, Devevey A (France)
Modelling seated postural stability for complete spine cord injury Pag.
* M. Blandeau, * T. M. Guerra, * P. Pudlo, * F. Gabrielli, ** V. Estrada-Manzo (France)
Evaluation and optimization of a communication aid in patients with disabilities: methodological presentation Pag.
Marie-Laure Bocca, Marie-Laure Machado, Anne-Sophie Letousey, Laure-Marine Houel, Fausto Viader, Elisabeth Groussard, Carine Bourre, Axelle Baillet, Florence Lemenager, Regine Richard, Georges Lamy au Rousseau, Stéphane Besnard (France)
Developing a culture of digital accessibility in the academic context – a guide to good practices Pag.
Dominique Archambault, Marie Carpio, Fabienne Corre (France)
Feasibility study of hand motion analysis by the leap motion sensor Pag.
Justine Coton, Julien Veytizou, Guillaume Thomann, François Villeneuve (France)
Cochlear implants : influence of the coding strategy on syllable recognition in noise Pag.
P.A. Cucis, C. Berger-Vachon, E. Truy, H. Thai Van, F. Millioz, S. Gallego (France)
Human and technological means to assist travellers with disabilities: interactions and needs Pag.
V. Destin, C. Guérin, P. Soulivong, G. Uzan (France)
Guiding wheelchairs by active optical profilometry, for persons with multiple disabilities Pag.
Clément Favey, Jose Villanueva, Aziz Zogaghi, Liam Jordan, Eric Dessailly, Yacine Bellik, René Farcy(France)
Impact of spatial hindrance on sit-to-stand and exit strategies of low mobility passengers Pag.
F Gabrielli, C Molenaar, M Blandeau, P Pudlo (France)
Adding a technological device to my birth body limb agenesis, between normality and disability in France Pag.
Maxime Derian, Véra Savvaki, Édouard Kleinpeter, Véronique Donzeau-Gouge, Cristina Lindenmeyer (France)
Hand Use during the lift phase of parallel sitting transfers of two spinal cord injured subjects Pag.
C. Molenaar, F. Gabrielli, M. Blandeau, P. Pudlo (France)
Non-Visual selection for word lists Pag.
Philippe Roussille (France)
The Roberta IRONSIDE project: a cognitive and physical robot coach for dependent persons Pag.
H. Sensen, G. Chollet, C. Glackin, K. Jokinen, A. Badii, M. Torres, D. Petrovska-Delacretaz, J. Boudy, S. Schlögl (France)
Danse-doigts, a fine motor game Pag.
Jean-Ferdy Susini1, Olivier Pons, Nolwenn Guedin, Catherine Thevenot (France)
QualiTHravail®: a national observatory on health and quality of work life for employees with disabilities Pag.
Fabien Valet, Valérie Tran, Stéphanie Galvan , Bertrand Hardy, Antoine Dezalay (France)

Volume 77 / Issue 1 / 2016

Volume 76 / Issue 1 / 2015

Volume 75 / Issue 2 / 2014

The evaluations of the assistive Robot SAM with elderly and handicapped people Pag. 1
Ghezala, M.W.B; Lebec, O.; Leroux, C.; Devillers, L.; Fattal, C.; Laffont, I.; Leynaert , V.; Mezouar, Y. (France)
The European test of olfactory capabilities (ETOC): sensitivity to pathologies, age, culture and gender Pag. 13
Joussain, P.; Rouby, C.; Bessy M.; Bensafi, M. (France)
Assessment of physiological parameters by non-contact means to quantify mental stress states Pag. 19
Bousefsaf, F.; Maaoui, C.; Pruski, A. (France)
COSTaM: tool design for a controlled tactile stimulation Pag. 31
Bueno, M.A.; Crest, M.; Monteil, G.; Berthier, Y.; Lemaire-Semail, B.; Massi, F.; Vinter, A.; Aimonetti, J.M.; Carpentier, L.; Cornuault, P.H.; Giraud, F.; Camillieri, B.; RibotCiscar, E.; Witt, A.; Gentaz, E.; Mith, S. (France / Italy)
A new approach for automatic transformation of pedagogic images into tactile images Pag. 43
Chen, Y.; Haddad, Z.; Lopez, J. (France)
Mobile robot set localization for assisting people at home Pag. 55
Colle, E.; Galerne, S.; Jubert M. (France)
Retinal implants: improvements based on micro-nano technologies and optimization toward localized stimulation Pag. 70
Cottance, M.; Degardin, J.; Hébert, C.; Matonti, F.; Mora, T.; Lissorgues, G.; Rousseau, L.; Marre, O.; Bergonzo, P.; Picaud, S. (France)
SSVEP-based BCIs: study of classifier stability over time and effects of human learning on classification accuracy Pag. 84
Duprès, A.; Cabestaing, F.; Rouillard, J. (France)
Video enrichment for sensory impaired people: design issues and pilot studies on perception Pag. 95
Ollagnier-Beldame, M.; Encelle, B.; Prié, Y. (France)
Evaluation of a prototype of a multimodal interface to work with mathematics. Pag. 106
Fajardo-Flores, S.; Archambault, D. (France)
Smart artificial urinary sphincter: preserving organs and patient’s quality of life. Pag. 119
Hached, S.; Garon, A.; Loutochin, O.; Corcos, J.; Sawan, M. (Canada)
Anxiety recognition using relevant features from BVP signal: application on phobic individuals. Pag. 131
Handouzi, W.; Maaoui, C.; Pruski, A.; Moussaoui, A. (France)
Towards Pro-Active Involvement with Assistive Technologies. Pag. 142
Leclerq, S.; Thevenon, A. (France)
Compensating for presbycusis-related disability: how to optimize the care of hearingimpaired elderly patients? Pag. 154
Leusie, S.; Perrot, X.; Aubel, D.; Vergnon L. (France)
Wegoto: a smartphone application to assess the accessibility of roads and public spaces for people with disabilities – a proof of concept study. Pag. 165
Mourcou, Q.; Fleury, A.; Franco, C.; Vuillerme, N. (France)
Powered wheelchair simulator: application to people with multiple sclerosis. Pag. 177
Morère, Y.; Fritsch, C.; Remy, S.; Maertens de Noordhout, B.; Bourhis, G. (France)
Design of technologies for the support of disabled persons: representations from carers and assisted individuals with regard to the use of technologies. Pag. 190
Sajous, P.; Niyonsaba, E.; Leclercq-Delapierre, D.; Ragot, N. (France)
Influence of microphone encrusting on the efficiency of cochlear implants preliminary study with a simulation of cis and “n-of-m” strategies. Pag. 199
Perreaut, K.; Gallego, S.; Berger-Vachon, C.; Millioz, F. (France)
A development platform for the demonstrator generation for research on AAC. Pag. 209
Pino, P.; Naves, E.; Bourhis, G.; Martin, B.; Pecci, I. (France / Brasil)
Digital technologies for students with disabilities. When the experimental method meets the social world. Pag. 222
Popescu, C.; Vlad, P.; Muratet, M. (France)
Decoding social situations in adolescents with asperger through a serious game. Pag. 234
Sehaba, K.; Serna, A. (France)

Volume 75 / Issue 1 / 2014

Other issues

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